Resting under the tree

Resting under the tree
Genesis 18:3-5

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

So much has happened, that it seems impossible it has only been a month since returning from the embrace of our Swazi friends and family.

We have been in the news.
Article in today’s newspaper for you to read and share with others:

It’s nice that it comes on the heels of the article in our national Disciples News Service:

We were also front page news of one of the Swazi newspapers, on the Monday that we departed. It was a picture of us in our Zionist church uniforms attending the consecration of Bishop Mkhonta. We have since been dubbed the "White Zionists."

Priceless was the look on the receptionist desk when we came arrived back at the hotel in our church uniforms. The trailing voice of, "I have never seen..." I think it was Molly that finished her sentence for her with, "...white people dressed like this?" We had to sing for her, right there in the lobby.

Oh the memories we have.

The transition home isn't always easy. My children have heard many a lecture about how many privileges they have, and better enjoy, AND better identify as privileges, not necessities. Poor dears. It is a good thing that they have both been to Swaziland before. They can understand what I am saying and be forgiving (as much as a 13 and 10 year old can).

I have some really exciting news to share and a bunch of pictures, too. I will try to get them posted. Stay with me...

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