Resting under the tree

Resting under the tree
Genesis 18:3-5

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fly me to the moon...

Woke up this morning and smiled, then prayed ferverently. And smiled again.

Frank Sinatra has been singing in my head this morning, "Fly me to the moon..." In other words, I am excited.

My ride to the airport just arrived (thanks Melissa!). Today, after all the planning, praying, and preparing we are on our way.

My prayer has been that we will see what God wants us to see, do what God wants us to do, learn what God wants us to learn, and Love the way God wants us to Love. Let it Be. Amen.

Please pray us there, and then pray us home.

Now, in the words of Cap'n Jack, "Bring me that horizon!"


  1. Good one. Folks in at least 3 states that I know of are praying! Nathan

  2. Praying for you and the team, Janice! You are loved, and I am looking forward to your updates.

  3. Add Virginia to the list of states with people praying! I am so glad you are blogging and will be thinking of you often while you are on this journey.
    Much love and prayers for travel mercies!

  4. I am with you in spirit! Praying for safe, problem-free travels. Send my greetings to Bishop (?!) Mkhonta, Sandile, Vuyo, Happy, etc. etc. Breathe in the Swazi spirit and the beautiful church music. That and the melodic voices of the people are what I miss most. Looking forward to any updates you can give!

  5. We're praying for you all!