Resting under the tree

Resting under the tree
Genesis 18:3-5

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Yesterday we went to a carepoint center in Shewula, an area near the Mozambique border. It could not be more rural.

We had been there before in 2008. The once dirt and rock floor of the pre-school is now poured cement and there are panes in the widows. There is a new building that houses a classroom which is nice - the attempt is that this will hold the equivalent of 1st and 2nd grade classes, as the primary school is a very long walk from here for the young children to make. These are very positive signs.

What hasn't changed is food security, proof from their distended bellies. (they are no longer getting aid from Unicef - too little resources, to great a need). What hasn't changed is the amount of sickness, both in the fact that these kids are orphans and that their little bodies are in a constant battle with all types of sickness on little resources.

This sentiment was also at Gigi's. Gigi's has also had some funding to make the facility better - and praise God for it - but has it REALLY changed the lives of the children housed in them? I shouldn't be so cynical to say no, because it has. I will however continue to ponder what it is that will really make a difference.

Be ready people because I think we may initiate a program to help maintain daily food in the lives of the children at Shewula. I am not sure how to do this but... Pray and discern, pray and discern.

We are off to a game reserve today as a day off and to have a different African experience.

Tomorrow, we will go to two more Neighborhood Carepoint Centers.

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