Resting under the tree

Resting under the tree
Genesis 18:3-5

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday was too full. Making this post next to impossible to capture it with the time (what time?) that I have. Hopefully after our three hour church followed by the DVD shoot, we will have some time to try to catch up with our processing, our journaling and maybe even sleep (wishful thinking). We went to a funeral at daybreak, had an architect tell of us a a building project for a Youth Centre at the church, met with the women's group and some youth, were fitted for our church uniforms and had a three hour rehearsal preparing for the DVD shoot tomorrow. Wait until you see us in this choir!!!! We will stand out. We are the lip-synching, white, rhythm challenged ones. And you will get to see it because they are filming it today. Yikes!

Rose Mkhatjwa
Saturday we arose at 4am, and joined a small community that laid young Rose Mkhatjwa to her eternal rest. I can say we helped because this was a community event and we joined into the community and added our presence, prayers and voices with those around us.

We arrived as Rose's body was being taken from her home, where she slept in her living time, to a rocky hillside cemetery, to her new resting place. We joined the walking procession, in the darkness and cold, which like a pickpocket was searching to take something from us. But we are the living. We create warmth, no matter how the cold tries to steal it.

The lighting effect was perfect. From the lightening sky, we knew of the promise for a new day, slowly slowly, until the sun burst upon us, finding us among the rocky, earthy formations, a small community of the living and the dead saying farewells and welcomes to Rose, mother of three, member of Gods community.

More later...


  1. My heart aches for Rose's family... and I am excited about the video and hearing about your performance. I pray for strength for all of you, and for my swazi brothers and sisters.

  2. Oh thank you thank you for any updates you give. :) I am appreciating the extra effort for sure, and I know that looking back you will be grateful to have reflected a bit on the moments when you could find time on the trip. Rose's funeral sounds quite emotional. I think for me it would be a chance to mourn all of the people who have touched our lives that haven't been there on subsequent trips.